EurOtop Live: Your work in Eurotop?

It is clear that increased attention to flood risk reduction, and to wave overtopping in particular, has given increased interest and research in this area. This comprehensive manual gives updated guidance on many topics related to wave overtopping. Many projects describe EurOtop as the manual to be used for design. Many international researchers also now see improving the methods in EurOtop as targets for research. In revising the manual ourselves, we have seen that knowledge and new prediction methods, or knowledge on tolerable discharges, all continue to develop. These changes are however scattered and new methods may not necessarily have been well-reviewed or tested. But if new methods offer improvements, we challenge researchers and practitioners around the world to help improve EurOtop, it will then become a living document.

We have established a small EurOtop Live Board to review and edit new contributions. EurOtop Live Board members are:

We invite researchers and practitioners to come with suggested improvements for the next EurOtop. To facilitate a new release, we invite them to provide:

  • the background to the improvement (paper or report), taking into account the data of the existing method (not just their own research neglecting existing data);
  • the original data if needed for figures and/or checking;
  • a text proposal for the next EurOtop, written for application of the improvement.
Submissions (or an abstract) will become available on the website on a "List of possible improvements". Approved submissions will appear in the next EurOtop and such a release will be made if enough improvements become available. Possible submissions can be sent to one of the Board members.

Official submissions have not been received (February 2021) yet. But we know that the following subjects are under investigation and may become a submission:

  • the influence of crest width at rubble mound structures
  • the influence of wave period on the application of the roughness factor for surging waves
  • overtopping at very shallow and extremely shallow (emerged toe) foreshores for smooth slopes as well as vertical walls.
Will your work become part of EurOtop? Application of your work may have a larger impact on your career than just improving your citation index!